DirectJet Series

Ebullient liquid cooling systems consist of three component products

Directjet module loops

Ebullient DirectJet Module Loops feature DirectJet Modules, quick-connect fittings, and flexible tubing, allowing for rapId installation in any server, regardless of make or model, even blade servers.

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DirectJet manifold

Ebullient DirectJet Manifolds mounts to any standard server rack with provided mounting hardware. Manifolds features no-spill quick-disconnect fittings that allow DirectJet Module Loops to be connected to and disconnected from the Manifold without shutting down the DirectJet cooling system, permitting convenient servicing of IT hardware. DirectJet Manifolds also feature adjustable pressure regulators for precise flow control

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DirectJet fluid distribution unit

The DirectJet 32 FDU circulates safe, non-conductive fluid at low pressure to a Manifold, which supplies Module Loops installed in servers. Server heat is captured in the fluid as it flows through the Module Loops within the servers. Server heat is then rejected to a facility cooling circuit through a heat exchanger. The FDU requires only facility cooling and power connections.

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Designed for your processors.

Compatible cpus

Intel® Titanium®, Core™, Xeon®, Pentium®, and Celeron® processors AMD® FX™ and Athlon™ processors IBM® POWER8™ processor

Compatible graphics cards

NVIDIA® TESLA K80™ GPU accelerator
NVIDIA® TESLA P100™ GPU accelerators (NVLink and PCI-Express models)
NVIDIA® GTX 1080 Ti™ graphics card
NVIDIA® TITAN X™ graphics card
AMD® Firepro™ and Radeon™graphics cards

What can DirectJet do for me?

In addition to helping you save up to 75% cooling costs and overclock processors to unleash dramatic performance gains DirectJet technology can impact your buiness in these 4 ways.

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Top-line growth

Increasing compute capacity through facility expansion is capital intensive and requires significant planning and resources.

Utilizing DirectJet Technology, data center operators can often double the capacity of their data centers. Ebullient’s compact and efficient cooling systems allow for consolidation of partially-filled racks into full racks, thereby allowing operators to maximize their utilization of existing floor space and avoid or delay the need for infrastructure expansion.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a dynamic industry subject to rapid increases in demand, making it hard to plan for future needs.

Ebullient’s patented two-phase cooling system allows for precision cooling of each server, thereby providing a more efficient means of cooling electronic devices than traditional air cooling systems. In fact, data center’s utilizing Ebullient technology typically have 75% lower cooling costs, which equates to about a 25% reduction in overall operating costs.

Low opex

Energy is a primary driver of data center operating expenses. Traditional air cooling systems are inefficient and can’t handle the heat load of cutting edge computer hardware.

Unlike traditional air cooling systems that rely on infrastructure investments to increase cooling capacity, Ebullient DirectJet systems mount directly to each server, providing cooling where you need it when you need it. This allows facility operators to scale cooling one-to-one with increased demand.

Risk mitigation

The centralized cooling system is the lifeblood of the data center. If the cooling system fails, the data center is at risk of overheating.hardware.

With the exception of an electrical failure, a cooling system failure is a data center’s number one risk. Ebullient cooling systems have just one mechanical component, which significantly reduces the risk of mechanical failure. In addition, Ebullient systems feature 100% hot swappable components to further reduce the risk of down time.

Easy Installation

In most facilities, the system can be installed in less than 1 hour with no impact on neighboring racks of servers.

  • Install a Direct Jet Module Loop in each server.

  • Connect a DirectJet Fluid Distribution Unit to your facility cooling circuit

  • Install a DirectJet
    Manifold in your rack

  • Connect DirectJet Module
    Loops to the Manifold

Stay cool.