Ebullient Unveils New Inrack Precision Cooling System at Data Center World Exhibit in Las Vegas

Ebullient, Inc., a manufacturer of premium liquid cooling systems for computer hardware, today unveiled the Ebullient DirectJet 32, the newest addition to its lineup of precision cooling systems for data centers.

Most of the estimated three million data centers in the U.S. rely on air conditioning systems to cool their servers. But inevitably, one or more racks of servers don’t receive enough airflow and the servers overheat, resulting in downtime. To avoid downtime, costly facility wide changes are often pursued, like installing hot and cold aisle containment systems with raised floors, with the goal of providing adequate airflow to all servers. But now, instead of making these costly facility wide changes, the DirectJet 32 allows operators to pinpoint the problem and address it head on, while dramatically reducing power consumption and expense.

“If servers are overheating, a DirectJet 32 can be installed in less than a day and can completely eliminate the overheating issues. And since it provides up to 25 kW of heat removal capacity, additional servers can be added to the same rack, transforming an underperforming rack into a top performing rack,” said Steve Meives, Director of Engineering at Ebullient.

While most DirectJet 32s will be installed in large data centers, Ebullient founder Tim Shedd anticipates that a significant number will find homes in small and medium sized businesses.  “Many businesses need onsite servers to support critical business functions, but a vast majority of those businesses lack purpose built rooms to house their servers.  Often, a rack of servers is placed out of the way, in a closet or utility room, that lacks adequate cooling, and the servers overheat.  The DirectJet 32 delivers precision cooling to servers in these small spaces without the cost or hassle of installing a new air conditioning system.  And the DirectJet 32 is whisper quiet, so it won’t disrupt office workers seated near the server room the way a noisy air conditioner would,” said Shedd.

As part of the product development process, several beta units were released to select customers in 2015.  One of those units was delivered to AirTight FaciliTech, a mission critical service provider in Charlotte, North Carolina. “The Ebullient DirectJet 32 is incredibly quiet. You can barely hear it run,” said Greg Crumpton, Founder of AirTight FaciliTech.  The DirectJet 32 will be on display in booth 629 at the Data Center World Exhibit at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 16-17.  Ebullient’s technical sales staff will be present to answer questions and accept orders.

About Ebullient

Ebullient manufactures a complete line of premium liquid cooling systems for computer hardware.  Its mission is to deliver products that revolutionize the way computer hardware is designed, developed, and deployed. For more information, please visit www.ebullientcooling.com.

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